7 Things to Consider to Build an eBay Empire

In this article we look into the secrets into eBay success with insights from StartPoint’s ebay store designs.

ideaThe internet has revolutionized this age and its methods. Now, information from miles away can be accessed from a living room while sipping coffee. It has connected people from all across the globe, regardless of the physical distance between them. The opportunities for entrepreneurship are now more than they ever were, made possible by the internet gathering an immense plethora of buyers and sellers with similar interests at various platforms. Among the renowned platforms, one is eBay.

Statistics show that around $1900 worth of sales occurs at eBay every second, making it one of the most competitive ecommerce sites. One can earn a fortune through eBay, but there is fierce competition at this site and to start without sufficient knowledge about how one should proceed can prove to be fatal for the business. This article highlights some of the aspects one must consider before stepping into the world of eBay.

1. What to sell?

Think wisely about what you can offer buyers on eBay. It is filled with products at such low prices that in order to compete with those products, newcomers sell their products at a loss.

Ruthlessness is the nature of eBay. It is an online flea market where products are being sold at a much lower price than their actual value. To be successful and establish a name for oneself in such an environment, a good thought needs to be adhered towards providing something unique from which sufficient profit can be generated while remaining competitive.

It could be anything from old motorbikes to new cellphones at reasonable prices.

2. Start small

There will be unusual hot products and trends at different times during the year. Unless you are a settled eBayer, do not get carried away by these trends. Take one step a time and learn the market gradually. You could get the trendy product in bulk and the next day, the trend could have gone down altogether, leaving you with excessive inventory which you will end up selling at big losses to empty the space for new products. Therefore, have patience and act calmly.

At first, put up a few listings. Then, increase the number of listings gradually. From brick to building and from building to empire!

3. Design your eBay store

Having your own store at eBay is a big advantage. Coming across your offer for the product that the buyer wants, they would probably pay a visit to your eBay store. The great thing about this is that it does not only feature the offer that the buyer searched for, but it will showcase other deals as well that are available at your store.

This instills a feeling of trust in the buyer as it displays your sincerity towards the business. Knowing about other deals, the customer would certainly refer back to your store if satisfied.

4. Professional look

Now that you have your store, it is a dire need to make it fascinating in order to grab the buyer’s attention. Do not make it a challenge for the visitor to surf through your store and optimize it for various devices.

Moreover, include professional-looking pictures. At eBay, pictures are a big play. The more professional the pictures of your product are, the better chances they have to attract customers and improve your reputation on eBay.

5. 24/7 availability

With the fierce competition present at eBay, customers will hardly wait for your response and move on to the next best offer they come across. Losing customers this way is unaffordable.

Mention your timings clearly on your online shop and leave an apology note for times of unavailability. Even when it is beyond the timings, try responding to the customers who come up with queries. This small gesture has an incredible impact on customers. Besides, you get a rating on eBay for ‘Communications.’

6. Apply SEO strategies for branding

SEO is search engine optimization. Most products are found by searching on search engines and hence, it is important to get yourself a good position in your niche on search engines. The key to that is to realize the keywords using which potential buyers would search for your products and using them strategically with your products.

Moreover, post pictures and videos of yourself on public sites and your own URL (if you do not have one, get one) and link them back to your eBay store. Search engines prefer sites with videos more than those with text.

7. Customer service and reviews

Lastly, the most substantial part is to keep the existing customers happy rather than focusing on growing the customer base. You can do that with an exemplary customer service and breathtaking reviews. With every package for your customer, send a free appreciation gift like a small candy pack with a thank-you note. Request them to give reviews and remember that the customer is always right.


Although there are many professional advisors with a list of lessons for eBay success, these tips are surely going to help you a lot.